The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network

The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network (CGRAN) is a free open source repository for 3rd party GNU Radio applications (a.k.a Out Of Tree Modules) that are not officially supported by the GNU Radio project.

GNU Radio Packaging Legend:

OS GR Version

Name Most Recent Commit Description Categories GNU Radio supported versions
gr‑uhdgps GR Blocks to assist in GPS Data logging with UHD and a GPSDO uhd, gps
gr‑flexfft OOT Module for displaying Flex FFT data sink, DRS
gr‑bbc None secure communications, codec, bbc
gr‑signal_exciter Dec. 6, 2017 Efficient Wide-band signal aggregation sdr, wideband, generator
gr‑gfdm Implementation of the GFDM waveform for usage in GNU Radio sdr, waveform, 5G, multicarrier 3.9
gr‑yuv2pal Blocks to convert YUV-signal into PAL. sdr, video
gr‑rftap RFtap is a protocol designed to provide RF metadata about packets sdr, rftap
gr‑trt GNU Radio wrapping of TensorRT sdr, rfml 3.1
gr‑pager Motorola FLEX protocol decoder sdr, pager, flex v3.8
gr‑mthpower Feed Forward Frequency and Phase recovery for M-PSK sdr, m-psk, psk, estimation, correction
gr‑lpwan gr-lpwan contains implementation of IEEE802.15.4k Standard sdr, lpwan, IEEE802.15.4, lecim, dsss, transceiver
gr‑lora GNU Radio blocks for receiving LoRa modulated radio messages using SDR sdr, lora, receiving, decoding 3.9
gr‑lilacsat March 19, 2024 GNU Radio OOT Module for telemetry decoding of LilacSat-1, LilacSat-2 and BY70-1 satellites. sdr, lilacsat, LilacSat-1, LilacSat-2, BY70-1, BY70-2 v3.7,v3.8
gr‑iridium April 12, 2024 GNU Radio components to receive and demodulate Iridium frames sdr, iridium v3.7,v3.8,v3.9,v3.10
gr‑pipe Collection of blocks for using any program as a source, sink or filter using Unix pipes. sdr, interface v3.8
gr‑nmea Jan. 10, 2016 interface to NMEA and GPSD sources sdr, gps, nmea
gr‑drm Aug. 22, 2018 DRM/DRM+ transmitter sdr, drm, digital radio, short wave
gr‑gwncppvgb GNU Wireless Network, a data network development toolkit sdr, data networks
gr‑csp Blocks and python class to deal with Cubesat Space Protocol packets sdr, csp
gr‑symbolmapping Optimized symbol mapping and bit interleaving for standardized constellations sdr, constellation, symbolmapping, interleaving, standard 3.8, 3.9
gr‑adsb Oct. 31, 2023 GNU Radio OOT module for demodulating and decoding ADS-B packets sdr, ads-b, acas, airplanes
gr‑polarwrap A GNU Radio wrapper for the PolarCodes library sdr, FEC, channel coding 3.9
gr‑ambe3000 Uses the NW Digital Radio AMBE USB Dongle to encode/decode audio sdr, DStar, AMBE3000
gr‑guiextra Short description of gr-guiextra sdr
gr‑correctiq Short description of gr-correctiq sdr
gr‑finite‑stream Blocks for handling streams of finite length sdr v3.8
gr‑outernet Short description of gr-outernet sdr
gr‑eb200 Short description of gr-eb200 sdr
gr‑limesdr April 30, 2023 gr-limesdr blocks are used to control LimeSDR family devices sdr
gr‑clenabled Short description of gr-clenabled sdr
gr‑tf Nov. 5, 2016 Short description of gr-tf sdr
gr‑nordic Short description of gr-nordic sdr
gr‑bladeRF Nov. 29, 2023 Short description of gr-bladeRF sdr
gr‑mesa Short description of gr-mesa sdr
gr‑corrsounder Short description of gr-corrsounder sdr
gr‑guitar Short description of gr-guitar sdr
gr‑latency Short description of gr-latency sdr 3.8, 3.9
gr‑lfast Short description of gr-lfast sdr
gr‑dect2 Short description of gr-dect2 sdr
gr‑grnet Short description of gr-grnet sdr
gr‑baz April 9, 2020 Short description of gr-baz sdr
gr‑dab GNU Radio Digital Audio Broadcasting module sdr v3.8
gr‑kiss May 13, 2017 Assorted blocks to deal with KISS and AX.25 data sdr
gr‑symbolrate Short description of gr-symbolrate sdr
gr‑lazyviterbi May 8, 2020 Short description of gr-lazyviterbi sdr
gr‑bruninga Short description of gr-bruninga sdr
gr‑eventstream April 8, 2017 The event stream scheduler scheduler, streams, bursty
gr‑satellites April 14, 2024 A collection of decoders for Amateur satellites satellites, amateur, ccsds, fec v3.8, v3.9, v3.10
gr‑radar April 11, 2023 GNU Radio Radar Toolbox radar, UHD v3.7, v3.8
gr‑theano Oct. 11, 2016 blocks leveraging the theano library to run code in graphics cards python, GPU, cuda
gr‑benchmark April 4, 2015 a performance measurement tool for GNU Radio performance, benchmark, simulation
gr‑timing_utils Tools for advanced timing within GR pdu, timing, uhd v3.7, v3.8
gr‑pdu_utils Tools for manipulation of PDU objects pdu v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑pcap PCAP recording and playback pcap, packet
gr‑mixalot Blocks/utilities to encode pager messages pager, POCSAG, Motorola, Bravo, Advisor, ATI Wireless, CCP-6000
gr‑reveng Short description of gr-reveng packet, reverse engineering
gr‑ofdm June 17, 2021 A complete OFDM implementation including GUI for reasearch and teaching ofdm
XFDMSync Schmidl&Cox based synchronization blocks for multicarrier modulation multicarrier, Schmidl&Cox, synchronization 3.8, 3.9, 3.10
gr‑sandia_utils A collection of assorted GR functions and extended in-tree blocks misc v3.7, v3.8
gr‑mapper Oct. 23, 2018 Symbol to Bit Mapping and Demapping Blocks for GNU Radio mapping, demapping
gr‑latency_manager A GNU Radio module for controlling the latency in a flowgraph latency v3.10
gr‑pylambda March 24, 2022 Anonymous function blocks for dangerous flowgraphs lambda function 3.8, 3.9
gr‑iqbal Jan. 8, 2021 GNU Radio block to correct IQ imbalance in quadrature receivers iq imbalance, rx, osmocom 3.9
gr‑hrpt HRPT blocks from gr-noaa and others for gr3.8+ hrpt, noaa, satellites
gr‑pico Aug. 15, 2016 OOT Modules for DRS Picoflexor Single Channel Receiver and Picoflexor Transceiver hardware, source, sink, DRS
gr‑polaris Dec. 14, 2016 OOT Module for DRS Polaris Receiver hardware, source, DRS
gr‑microtelecom Microtelecom's Perseus SDR source module hardware, source
gr‑pyqt July 12, 2016 Python QT Plotters and Message Tools Repo gui, plotting, pyqt, pyqwt
gr‑fcdproplus Aug. 13, 2022 A GNU Radio funcube dongle and funcube dongle pro+ source funcube
gr‑funcube July 13, 2023 A GNU Radio funcube dongle and funcube dongle pro+ source funcube
gr‑litex LiteX accelerator block for GNU Radio fpga, litex 3.9
gr‑foo July 18, 2023 some utility blocks foo v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑filerepeater A set of GNURadio blocks with more control over how files are played files, iq, recording
gr‑fhss_utils Broadband energy based burst detection blocks fhss, burst, pdu v3.7, v3.8, 3.9
gr‑fosphor Aug. 16, 2023 GNU Radio block for RTSA-like spectrum visualization using OpenCL and OpenGL acceleration fft, gpu, opencl, opengl, visualization, osmocom 3.9
gr‑nacl April 10, 2017 GNU Radio module for data encryption using NaCl library encryption
gr‑specest May 25, 2020 Implementations of many spectral estimation algorithms dsp, spectral estimation
gr‑ntsc‑rc 5.8 GHz ammateur drone wireless video feed TX and RX drone, NTSC, video
gr‑doa Direction Finding with the USRP X-Series and TwinRX doa, twinrx, sdr, array
gr‑difi Connect to DIFI devices from within a GNU Radio flowgraph difi, cloud, satellite, ground station v3.9, v3.10
gr‑ccsds Short description of gr-ccsds ccsds, fec
gr‑aep A GNU Radio Module for performing beamforming using Adaptive Event Processing beamforming, multiantenna, array processing, signal detection, blind
gr‑azure Leverage Azure cloud resources from within a GNU Radio flowgraph azure, cloud, sigmf, blob v3.9, v3.10
gr‑ham A collection of GNU Radio blocks useful for amateur radio amateur radio, PSK31, varicode, CHU, D-STAR
gr‑rstt Receiver for Vaisala Weather Balloons Vaisala, telemetry, weather balloon v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑ettus Jan. 27, 2023 Experimental UHD and USRP features for GNU Radio UHD, USRP, Ettus
gr‑cessb A Controlled Envelope SSB transmitter. SSB, Ham Radio, VOLK
gr‑inspector April 14, 2022 A signal analysis toolbox for GNU Radio SDR, Signal Analysis, Spectrum Analysis, Signal Intelligence, OFDM v3.7,v3.8
gr‑lora_sdr OOT Module containing all blocks requiring for a functional LoRa transceiver. SDR, LoRa 3.10.3# Put a comma separated list of supported GR versions here
gr‑owc GNURadio out-ot-tree (OOT) module for optical wireless communications. OWC, VLC, SDR, GNURadio v3.8
gr‑paint Feb. 27, 2024 An OFDM spectrum painter/transmitter. OFDM, Fun v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑air‑modes May 6, 2020 None None
gr‑ldpc April 8, 2014 None None
None None
gr‑fsk‑burst May 31, 2015 None None
libfec Oct. 3, 2016 None None
gr‑tutorial June 14, 2020 None None
gr‑ais Aug. 13, 2020 None None
gr‑zmqblocks April 14, 2014 None None
None None
gr‑tagutils April 15, 2017 None None
gr‑cdma Dec. 20, 2016 None None
gr‑mac July 30, 2015 None None
grcompat May 31, 2013 None None
gr‑psk‑burst April 1, 2015 None None
construct None None
gr‑packetradio March 2, 2013 None None
gr‑message_tools May 31, 2018 None None
gr‑burst Oct. 12, 2016 None None
gr‑mediatools Oct. 10, 2016 None None
gr‑gmuground A collection of OOT modules for developing an amateur satellite communications ground station. None
None None
gr‑ax25 None None
aistx None None
gr‑framers None None
sdr‑tv None None
gr‑analysis None None
gr‑lacrosse None None
gr‑psk31 None None
gr‑smithchart None None
None None
gr‑tpms None None
libm2k None None
gr‑dvbt None None
gr‑atsc3 None None
libfreesrp None None
gr‑smartnet None None
gr‑ra_blocks None None
GR_RCCar None None
gr‑fm0 gr-fm0 only contains a minimal FM0 encoder None
measurement_toolbox None None
gr‑streamsink None None
gr‑ysf None None
gr‑pocsag None None
None None
gr‑ale None None
gr‑gpredict‑doppler None None
gr‑acars2 None None
gr‑rtty None None
gr‑multimon None None
gr‑mer An open source implementation of QAM Modulation error measurements in GNU Radio. MER, QAM, Measurements
gr‑m17 The M17 OOT module for GNU Radio M17 3.8, 3.9, 3.10
gr‑lora An open source implementation of the LoRa CSS PHY LoRa, chirp, css, sdr
gr‑lte LTE downlink receiver blocks LTE, synchronization, estimation, PBCH
gr‑keyfob Transceiver for some Hella key fobs Key Fob, Car, Hella v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑dvbs2 Feb. 26, 2024 A DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X transmitter. In tree as of GNU Radio 3.7.7
gr‑dvbt2 A DVB-T2 transmitter. In tree as of GNU Radio 3.7.7
gr‑iio March 2, 2023 Analog Devices' IIO blocks for GNU Radio IIO, FMCOMMS, Pluto
gr‑m2k GNU Radio blocks for ADALM2000 IIO, ADALM2000
gr‑ieee802‑15‑4 An IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) Transceiver IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, IoT v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑ieee802‑11 Oct. 3, 2023 IEEE 802.11 a/g/p Transceiver IEEE 802.11, WiFi, OFDM v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑hpsdr modules for OpenHPSDR Hermes / Metis and Red Pitaya Hermes, Metis, Red Pitaya, OpenHpsdr
gr‑nrsc5 A GNU Radio implementation of HD Radio (NRSC-5) HD Radio, NRSC-5 v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑bokehgui May 14, 2024 Provides various sinks and widgets to allow interaction with the live GNU Radio applications remotely over the network GUI
gr‑gsm A GSM receiver GSM
gr‑fbmc FBMC PHY Layer for GNU Radio FMBC, Multicarrier, PHY
gr‑rds July 24, 2023 FM RDS/TMC Transceiver FM, RDS, TMC v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑flarm A GNU Radio implementation of the FLARM protocol FLARM, aviation
gr‑elster A receiver for Elster REX2 smart meters Elster, smart meters v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑isdbt A complete receiver for the digital TV standard ISDB-T. DTV, ISDB-T, OFDM, Viterbi
gr‑dsd A GNU Radio wrapper for Digital Speech Decoder (DSD) DSD, P25, DMR, D-STAR v3.7, v3.8, v3.9
gr‑dsdcc A GNU Radio wrapper for DSDcc (Digital Speech Decoder) DMR, D-STAR, YSF v3.10
gr‑bluetooth Jan. 2, 2022 A Bluetooth baseband layer for GNU Radio Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.1