Submitting a GNU Radio Out of Tree (OOT) Module

To have your OOT show up in CGRAN, you don't actually submit it directly. CGRAN works by automatically parsing the gr-recipes and gr-etcetera PyBOMBS recipes. Having your OOT in the form of a PyBOMBS recipe will make it real quick for people to install and use it. Use the following steps to add your OOT to gr-etcetera:

  1. Create in the root directory of your OOT (example manifest)
  2. Create the PyBOMBS Recipe File (.lwr file) instructions at the bottom of this page
  3. Add your .lwr file to gr-etcetera in the form of a pull request, look at closed pull requests for examples
  4. Once your pull request is merged in, and CGRAN does its daily update, your OOT should show up
  5. If your OOT does not seem to show up, check that it is not included in the blacklist located here